How Emotionally Connected is Your Brand?

Introducing the Emotional Connection Index (ECI) – A new tool that evaluates emotional engagement between your brand and your targeted audience in five critical areas of brand performance:

Identify – Key emotional insights and triggers unique to your brand

Create – Emotionally driven brand story and positioning

Persuade – Identifying and influencing behavior

Engage – Building a community of brand marketers and advocates

Convert – Measuring engagement and response

How it works:

Answer a few questions to receive a score that indicates where your brand presents within quartile performance rankings, and you’ll also receive a detailed assessment and report via email.

All information collected by Sagon-Phior is by consent and used only to provide a customized assessment report for private view. We will never share your information with other individuals or organizations.

What you get:

You will receive a complimentary customized assessment that uncovers insights to help improve how effectively your brand communicates its emotional relevance and value.

About Us

Sagon-Phior has spent 25 years researching, studying and exploring how people connect to brands. We leverage innovations in emotional branding, persuasion strategies and predictive modeling to help marketers uncover revealing patterns of emotion and behavior.

We embrace emotion as a critical driver for business performance.

We create brand building strategies for many industries by leveraging the power of emotion to elevate business performance. We use breakthrough research techniques that help brands solve marketing challenges by deciphering the emotional feelings and logic that drive actionable behavior. We create unique brand experiences that connect to the hearts and minds of consumers to increase awareness, loyalty and revenue. This process has helped us to provide insights, strategies and ideas enabling organizations to:

  • Grow marketshare, margins and ROI
  • Align marketing and sales in more efficient and profitable ways
  • Find and maintain a greater competitive edge
  • Reveal opportunities and overcome challenges
  • Create ideas leadership teams can embrace and activate

We'd like to be your emotion marketing partner.

We’ve helped build hundreds of regional, national and global brands in technology, healthcare, finance, lifestyle, consumer package goods, wine and spirits, hospitality, real estate and the non-profit world. 

Recognized worldwide for the results we achieve, Sagon-Phior has won over 130 national and international awards for strategic and creative effectiveness. Please contact Glenn Sagon to start a conversation.


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